Innovations in Home Organization

More than just a place with shelves and doors to keep things, think of cabinetry as an opportunity to add color, character, and, most importantly, order to your home. From a wide variety of whole grains and hues to hardware in an array of finishes, cabinetry complements your existing decor while establishing a place for everything.

Efficiency Cooks Cherish

When homeowners think of these storage areas, the kitchen is usually the first room that comes to mind. While initially it might seem straightforward, kitchen cabinetry is more complex than you’d think. If you’re custom­ designing your kitchen, this is the perfect chance to take your height and cooking preferences into consideration.

Handy pull-out shelves eliminate the need to crouch down to hunt for the perfect pot or pan. Give your knees and back some relief and simply slide these items into view as needed. Innovations in drawers also make life a bit easier on the homeowner. Self-closing drawers return to their shut position with the slightest shove, a feature cooks cherish, especially when their hands are full.

Perhaps you’d like to treat yourself to a built-in spice rack, a cutlery cabinet, or pull-out cutting boards. A wine rack tucked into the side of an island is another space-saving amenity oenophiles cherish. Lazy Susan turntables make the most of corners, rendering otherwise hard-to-reach items easily accessible. Why waste an inch of coveted space?

Aesthetic improvements transport your cabinets beyond simple practicality. Crown molding, placed at the top of a cabinet, serves as a striking accent piece and draws the eye upward, creating the illusion of a higher ceiling, while European-style cabinets hide hinges from view for a stylish and seamless appearance.

Streamline Your Wardrobe

An organized walk-in closet, complete with drawers and shelving, allows you to assess your selections at a single glance. A well-appointed master closet not only looks appealing, it saves homeowners precious time. Rather than hunting for favorite pieces, you can arrange items by category and savor the luxury of knowing exactly where everything is neatly kept.

Shelving for shoes and drawers for jewelry, and other accessories, such as ties and scarves, evoke the feel of a high-end boutique. These amenities elevate your home and make it stand out, especially if you’re thinking of putting it on the market.

If you strive for a polished appearance, consider placing full-length mirrors on cabinet doors. Lighted hanging rods cast an ambient glow and assist you in assembling the perfect ensemble, whether you’re dressing in the early morning hours or late in the evening.

Plumbed for Elegance

Create a relaxing sanctuary in your master bathroom with cabinetry that instills a sense of order and elegance the moment you step into the room.

With limitless aesthetic and configuration options, these pieces do so much more than hide your plumbing and toiletries. For virtually universal appeal, the symmetrical layout of his and her split vanities at opposite ends of the room is a timeless classic.

Adjustable drawer dividers allow you to create separate compartments and prevent items from moving or sliding within the drawer. If you wake in the middle of the night and don’t want to disturb anyone, consider night lights which illuminate drawer interiors and help you quickly find what you need.

If clutter is your nemesis, consider installing in-drawer electrical outlets. Keep your hair dryer, straightening iron, and your electric razor stowed neatly out of view but always within reach.

Built-ins Add Beauty and Convenience

Read, study or just relax in the stately elegance that built-in bookshelves lend to a library, home office or family room. Open shelves cultivate a cultured feel by providing ample room to display literary classics or beloved photos. Highlight your keepsakes with subtle, recessed lighting that supplies the space with a sophisticated feel.

Whether they’re flanking a fireplace or serving as a hideaway for home electronics, shelving and cabinetry add instant character to your home. Built-ins have the ability to blend with your decor rather than feeling like obtrusive pieces that take up valuable space. This advantage makes them ideal for contemporary interiors where minimalist style reigns. They’re equally appealing for rooms where space is limited.

Keep these cabinets simple with smooth lines or dress them up with crown or dentil molding and columns. The choice is yours. Consider how much space you’ll crave as your household expands or disperses. Then, enjoy their timeless and tasteful beauty.

Bring order to your home and your life by making the most of your cabinetry. Once you do, you’ll quickly see the wisdom in that familiar adage, “A place for everything and everything in its place.”


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