Ben ensures his clients make informed and strategic decisions

<q>Over the course of six property sales, Ben has consistently demonstrated an <b>unparalleled level of expertise and dedication</b> that has truly set him apart.</q></p> <p><q>One of Ben's standout qualities is his <b>remarkable ability to meticulously model out the profits and cash flow associated with each property.</b> His financial acumen and attention to detail not only provided me with a clear understanding of the potential returns but also <b>instilled a sense of confidence in my real estate transactions.</b> This level of precision in financial modeling is a testament to his commitment to ensuring his clients make informed and strategic decisions.</q></p> <p><b>Ken O.</b><br /> Home Buyer



"Ben's dedication to ensuring his clients not only find the right property but also make sound financial decisions is commendable. The fact that I have not only found my dream properties but have consistently made money on each investment is a testament to Ben's unparalleled guidance. Whether you are a seasoned investor or a first-time homebuyer, I wholeheartedly recommend Ben Wanetick for his outstanding real estate services that go above and beyond expectations."

Dr. Lawrence / Home Buyer

"Selling a home can be a nightmare. We’ve done it several times before and speak from experience. My husband and I were dreading our sale. But then we were introduced to Ben Wanetick, who helped make the process so successful and seamless, we were amazed. Every Realtor should have the systems, knowledge, skills, and level of expertise we experienced with Ben and Beachline Property."

Sylvia Z. / Home Seller

"Ben and Beachline Property deserve nothing short of excellent reviews! With impeccable professionalism and a keen understanding of our preferences, Ben successfully found us the best property that both my husband and I are absolutely in love with. His ability to listen, coupled with his expertise, made the entire home-buying process seamless and enjoyable. We are incredibly grateful for Ben's dedication and highly recommend his services to anyone seeking a top-notch real estate experience."

Donald & Sherri W. / Home Buyer

"Beachline Property is exceptional. They sold our home in record time for more than we ever expected. Ben’s attention to every detail made all the difference in preparing for the sale and helping everything to go smoothly. We could not have asked for a better experience—rare indeed with real estate deals! Our hats off to Ben and Beachline. "

Sera E. / Home Seller

"I trust Ben as my real estate agent wholeheartedly and give him a solid 5-star rating! Ben's expertise and professionalism are unparalleled. His in-depth knowledge of the market, coupled with excellent communication skills, instills confidence throughout the entire process. Ben is not just focused on transactions; he genuinely cares about finding the perfect property for his clients. His transparency and honesty create a trustworthy environment, making the journey smooth and stress-free. Ben's dedication to client satisfaction and commitment to going above and beyond make him an exceptional real estate agent. I highly recommend Beachline Property to anyone seeking a reliable and trustworthy partner in their real estate endeavors."

Bob W. / Home Seller

"I trust Beachline Property and Ben Wanetick for all my real estate needs. He is cutting-edge in his approach and highly professional every step of the way. Ben uses the latest techniques to help his clients get the most money for their homes. My wife and I are over the moon with the results he achieved for us! Thanks, Ben! "

Bailey T. / Home Seller

"Ben has the most wonderful team that knows the market!"

Gary B. / Home Seller

"We sold our house with the Beach Line Property Team! They are very experienced and professional. They came up with the best strategies to navigate through the selling process to facilitate and maximize profit. I highly recommend Ben!"

Amie / Home Seller

"Ben is simply the best. I recently purchased my home with Ben representing me. Everyone knows this market is competitive, to say the least. Ben guided me in making the right offer for the situation. We didn't get the first house we placed an offer on or the second, but with Ben’s guidance, we ended up getting the perfect home! And we feel we paid a very fair price, which in this market feels like we got a steal. To top it off, the loan we chose to use caused delays, but Ben helped us and kept everything on track, guiding us through to a closed escrow. I can't recommend Ben highly enough!"

JOE K. / Home Buyer