Discover the Enticing World of Luxury Kitchens

You’re mincing fresh herbs on your spacious island countertop while enjoying conversation with friends. The plate of cheese and crackers on the breakfast bar finds plenty of takers and the wine has been chilled to perfection.

 Maybe it’s a holiday feast; perhaps an end-of-summer barbecue. No matter the occasion, you revel in the peace of mind knowing your dishes are worthy of a five-star restaurant, thanks in no small part to your luxury kitchen and the finest tools of the trade. Need proof? Your guests are not only comfortable, but also more than willing to roll up their shirt sleeves and collaborate in this stunning setting.

Open Invitation, and Space, to Indulge

Long considered the heart of the home, today, the kitchen’s pulse is stronger than ever. Purpose defined, the traditional cooking space has transformed into the place to dine, entertain, relax, and maybe even get some work done.

And when it comes to customization, options abound! By mixing the key ingredients of function and form, the kitchen serves up a full menu of essential design components, or ingredients, which can be combined into countless configurations and ultimately, a winning recipe for your unique kitchen.

Let’s start with the layout. At most gatherings, guests tend to cluster in the kitchen as it allows for close proximity to food and drink. An “Open Concept” kitchen creates a seamless flow to the home’s living and dining rooms that ensures the host never misses the party. The expansiveness of the large space is a comfort to cooks who can chop and chat simultaneously while also keeping an eye on other things, including children and pets, if necessary.

Smart Appliances Serve Up Superior Performance and Mouth-Watering Food

Combining state-of-the-art technology with style, high-end appliances exude an aura of quality and elegance that permeates the entire kitchen. Though stainless steel has long reigned as the king of kitchen finish materials, ensconcing your fridge and dishwasher in matching cabinetry allows them to all but disappear, creating a satisfying sense of elegance to the kitchen.

For functionality, cooks who value excellence elevate their dishes with smart features, such as proper temperature controls courtesy of a top-of-the-line oven to ensure impeccable cooking and baking.

Want to savor a perfectly seared steak? This is where power and precision make all the difference. The Thermador Professional Range with Grill allows you to bring the outdoors inside and enjoy the barbecue experience year-round. Gone are the days of canceling your dinner plans due to the weather. Congratulations! You’ve bested Mother Nature. Thanks to two different cooking zones, meats and vegetables grill simultaneously, each at the ideal temperature.

The barely-audible hum of an energy-efficient fridge or a whisper-quiet dishwasher lend an air of sophistication and tranquility to your kitchen. The Bosch lntegra 800 Series is virtually silent. That’s not all. This meticulous machine reduces energy usage by 20 percent while providing spotless results.

Of course, a 48-inch or larger cooktop, double or triple ovens, double dishwashers and a host of other appliance possibilities from a wine fridge to a Scotsman ice machine are only limited by the designer’s imagination and homeowners budget.

Keep the Chef Company

Pendant lighting is a luxury design element that shines a spotlight on your cuisine while reflecting on your personal style. Whether you opt for vintage, classic, or sleek and modern, these hanging lights serve as a warm and welcoming beacon. Long gone is the harsh overhead lighting of the past. From colorful glass shades to clean and shiny stainless steel fixtures, an ambient glow from pendant lighting creates an inviting and comfortable gathering space.

Work islands and large breakfast bars add much coveted counter space. If you’re preparing for a party, arranging a brunch buffet, or just sitting down with a cup of tea to read the paper, the breakfast bar is the place to be. Plus, this is where hungry guests congregate to keep the chef company.

Countertops have long advanced beyond simple work stations. Available in an array of materials including stone, metal, wood, glass, butcher block and more, many are as decorative as they are durable and require minimal maintenance. For luxury design, granite has long been the first choice among homeowners. While no industry-wide grading system exists, high-grade granite features unique colors, patterns and types of edges.

No longer taken for granted as utilitarian wall covering, the backsplash is yet another opportunity to bring an eye-catching element into the room. Use this wall space to warm up the kitchen by selecting tiles, glass, or metals that complement your appliances or add a pop of color. Though tile is still the most popular choice, natural stones are proving a strong second. Subway tile, a longtime favorite, is still beloved for its timeless, classic look, while mosaic tile allows owners to create their own unique designs.

Looking to make a statement with a stylish focal point that ties the whole room together? From distinctive high-quality wood to the unexpected beauty of hammered copper, a fan hood serves multiple purposes. In addition to providing ventilation and light, custom-designed range hoods make the luxury kitchen uniquely your own.

Perfect Recipe for Your Dream Kitchen

Let’s face it, the kitchen is most likely the room where you spend the majority of your waking hours. Whether you’re sipping your morning coffee or discussing the day’s events over hand-tossed gourmet pizza on a lazy evening, a kitchen can be the perfect marriage of practicality and elegance, serving as a high-traffic, yet comfortable environment that executes flawlessly.

Why not add sophistication and elegance to the menu? Design a luxury kitchen and savor your own gourmet masterpiece.


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